Does your brand truly represent your business?

Many small businesses neglect to spend the necessary time thinking about their brand and the impact it has on their business. They don’t realise the importance of having your brand represent your business.

Many B2B businesses are unsure of their brand identity and personality and therefore miss these vital elements and how to use them to maximum effect to enhance their business, from increasing sales to attracting the best talent to join their company

Here are some reasons why brand is so important:


This is where your logo comes in, this is the ‘face’ or your organisation as it should appear across every piece of correspondence and advertising. A good logo should be memorable and provide the desired perception of the business.

It is important that your logo is used correctly, brand guidelines can outline how your logo should be displayed and used internally and externally. Correct and consistent use of the brand guidelines will help strengthen your identity.

It is important to reconsider your brand logo from time to time, as your business develops it may mean your logo needs to evolve too. You don’t want a logo that looks dated if you are trying to show that you are a forward-thinking company that moves with the times.


A professional appearance builds credibility and trust. By ensuring you consistently represent yourself in the same way your audience will begin to believe in your business and your brand.

You should ensure that all members of the team understand your mission and convey this in their work, if your customers receive mixed messages they may start to distrust you and eventually this will affect your customer relationships

A clear brand strategy provides the clarity that your team needs to be successful. It tells them how to act, how to win (should this then say new business?), and how to meet the organisation’s goals.

When employees understand your mission and reason for being, they are more likely to feel that same pride and work in the same direction to achieve the goals you have set.

Here at Definition we offer clients brand workshops to help them realise their brand personality and how they want to be perceived, we then work with you to make sure all your activity is kept ‘on-brand’

To find out what your brand stands for and how to enhance it contact us today


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