Some things just work better together.


Combine Marketing & Business Development and you have the perfect recipe for success.

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Definition is a fully integrated marketing & business development agency. Clients work with us for one simple reason; to help their business to grow.

Successful business development requires a consistent approach and a substantial investment of time.

Winning new clients is the lifeblood of any business, allowing it to grow, improve and continue to be profitable for key stakeholders, yet we often find that many business owners and Directors struggle to find the time.

At Definition, we believe that business development should never stop and our business development consultancy takes this burden off your shoulders, providing a flexible and tailored approach to suit your needs.

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Imagine how much better off you’d be with an integrated Business Development & Marketing consultancy...

There are several different ways we can help to support your business development:

  • Prospecting and how to make your network work for you
  • Winning new work
  • Onboarding
  • Business Development.

    In a digital world every stakeholder and employee is an ambassador for your business and can help to build (or break) your brand reputation. How you help your company create a good business development mindset and effective habits can make difference.

    Our business development programmes are tailored to you needs and all take a coaching approach. Whether you’re a law firm with brilliant legal minds who also need to attract their own business or you have a Sales team that just aren’t contacting, following up and converting as you would like, we help you set and reach realistic goals.

  • Meeting the Right Prospects.

    We encourage staff to embrace and embody your core values. Supporting them to build effective networks and optimise prospecting so they develop quality leads. Empowering all customer-facing staff so they understand and appreciate the place of sales and business development in today’s business environment and giving them the capabilities to create, spot, and act upon opportunities to help your business grow.

  • Winning New Work.

    Lead generation requires structure, application and persistence, but first you need to ensure you know who you are targeting. Once you know who your target audience is, you can then build an understanding of where they are likely to be, what they are interested in, what their pain points are, and how your product or service can help them.

  • Integrated Campaigns.

    The most successful lead generation campaigns are those that have begun with a well thought out strategy, plan of action, and a clear definition of who your target audience is and the best channels to communicate with them using a fully integrated campaign.

    However there is world of difference between a scattergun hope something sticks approach and integrated marketing.

  • Keeping Customers Happy.

    Winning new clients takes more time, money and effort than it does to retain existing ones. So don’t make it hard for yourself, instead nurture your customers by taking control of onboarding and relationship management processes so you build a loyal base of customers. Manage onboarding well and customers will increasingly refer you to others making new business generation even easier.

    Great onboarding starts from your first contact with a prospect, through your full product / service lifecycle and all the way through to how you maintain long-lasting relationships with customers year after year.

  • Converting More Prospects.

    Once you understand your sales process, you can also look at how to increase conversion, easily spot new and cross-selling opportunities and most importantly ensure your clients remain happy.

    From managing customer databases, connecting on social, sending useful updates via email and in the post, conducting client reviews & surveys, introducing complimentary products and services, celebrating anniversaries and saying thank you; there’s so many options. Creating an engaging onboarding process increases retention and by using some automation tools is easier than ever to implement.

It makes sense.

Contact us to find out more because combining marketing and business development delivers more engaging brands and better results.