Creative B2B web design: ‘Always’ judge a book by its cover

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Many of us will ‘judge a book by its cover’ and even though we know this is something we shouldn’t do, it is natural to instantly form an opinion on something based on how it looks and this is no different when it comes to B2B web design.

It takes about 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. In that time prospects decide whether they like your site enough to stay and find out more or whether they continue to browse the internet for other options… This may be a scary thought, but not if you invest in a professional and creative web design that makes a good impact…

Web credibility research by Stanford shows 75% of users make assumptions about company credibility based on web design and in an era where 85% of B2B customers search the web before making a purchase a decision – your website is often the first port of call where a prospect interacts with your brand for the first time and is able to form an impression.

Still not sure why you should invest in a marketing agency for your web design?

94% of first impressions are design related. Quality content is undoubtedly important too but its effect is diluted if embedded in poor design. Visual appeal and website navigation are found to be most influential to the impression formed of your business

The stats and research prove it – visual appeal clearly matters. A fact which is particularly relevant for B2B firms. If you think about it, one website visit could potentially equate to a lead. A website designed well could trigger an enquiry whereas a poor web design could result in a poor first impression or worse – nothing!

Today’s crowded commercial landscape means B2B firms have to differentiate themselves and establish an attractive positioning in the market. If you want to ensure your business makes a good first impression – contact us by calling 0161 696 3459


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