Behind every great stand design is a better lead generation strategy

Behind every great stand design is an even better lead generation strategy

SG Exhibition Lead Generation

SG Exhibition Lead Generation

SG Exhibition Lead Generation

Our recent success story showcases the immense value of an innovative stand design that not only captivates audiences but also offers the versatility of reuse across multiple events.

We started by designing an engaging stand that clearly defines Service Geeni’s core offering, whilst having the ability to be re-used across three different events; helping to keep costs down, providing a consistent and memorable brand presence, and building brand recognition. This adaptability is crucial in the evolving world of trade shows and exhibitions which can be a costly event in any marketing calendar.

Alongside a vibrant design, we also implemented sales support strategies to convert conversations into leads. These strategies included the creation of informative PDF documents and eye-catching postcards featuring QR codes, which directed prospects to valuable e-guides.

These materials were not just informative but also persuasive, with helpful information and a clear call to action, enticing attendees to engage with the client at the event and afterwards.

The addition of fun giveaways added an element of excitement, leaving a positive impression on potential decision makers.

The true measure of success for Service Geeni was the impressive number of leads we generated at the event. It resulted in +100 decision makers leaving their details to follow up with more information and shortly after the event five high-quality prospects were being quoted with projects exceeding £50,000 each, with more follow-up on the remaining prospects to be worked through.

This success highlights the importance of careful planning and innovation when participating in events, to ensure they deliver more than just brand awareness.

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