Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment & Growth

Leveraging social media for Sapphire recruitment

Our client has seen an increased number of high-quality job applicants following a proactive social media campaign to attract the best talent.

The primary objective was clear: to attract high-calibre job applicants who would be instrumental in supporting their ambitious growth plans.

Leveraging the power of social media, we set out to amplify the client’s brand and attract top-notch talent.

The foundation of this campaign was the authentic representation of internal company events. From team-building excursions to innovative brainstorming sessions, we showcased the friendship and creativity that define Sapphire.

Benefits also took the spotlight in our campaign. Sapphire genuinely cares about their employees and offers a number of amazing employee benefits, we wanted to express employee’s personal experiences showing how they have helped them.

At the heart of the campaign was workplace culture. Through a series of captivating stories, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, we painted a detailed picture of an inclusive, dynamic, and inspiring work environment.

Sapphire has witnessed a significant surge in the number of high-quality job applicants. These are individuals who resonate with the company’s values, aspirations, and culture. They aren’t just seeking a job; they are seeking a meaningful career journey within an organisation that aligns with their own vision for professional growth.

The success of this social media campaign is an example of how a considered approach showcasing employer branding can yield tangible results.

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