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Sapphire is a long-standing client whom we have worked on many projects with, so when they came to us and asked us to help them with their new venture, we immediately said yes.

Sapphire has built a fantastic culture within their team and are often whisking them away on fun trips, but this year they have gone a step further and purchased a villa in Marbella for the team to use throughout the year.

The villa is available for any member of staff to use at any time, but that still leaves a number of weeks throughout the year the villa would remain empty. They needed to fill it and create a document that will communicate with their new guests.

This is where we stepped in to help. We created a full Sapphire Villa Guide to be distributed digitally as well as creating a printed version that is kept at the villa highlighting everything anyone would need during their stay.

When travelling there are many things to consider, especially when staying in rented accommodation. A guide can be an invaluable source of knowledge by recommending the best places to eat, or advising what excursions and activities are suitable for the entire family. But we also needed to highlight the important information regarding security and house rules, so it was necessary to get the right balance and create a fun, easy-to-digest, functional document.



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