Take A Break and Eat Some Cake

A Structural Engineering consultancy were celebrating a big anniversary and wanted to thank customers for their custom and celebrate their achievement. Most of their business is repeat custom so it was important to get this right and to be able to demonstrate how this campaign engaged with decision-makers. We created a Keep Calm and Eat Cake campaign, sending award-winning Chocolate Brownies and Thank you cards to customers, asking them to post on social so we know they had received the gift, including hashtags for Tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts.

Engagement soared, with a huge amount of interaction, many people posted pictures of themselves and colleagues enjoying the brownies. Additionally, the client received lots of direct feedback, thanks, requests for more brownies and incidentally an increase in new enquiries too.

It was a great way to show BDI’s appreciation for their loyal customers, boosting their brand on social platforms and celebrating success within their team.


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