Adapting your marketing to fit the current climate

Adapting your marketing

As marketing and business development specialists, we have experience of the highs and lows of any industry – this one being a challenge for all businesses is a new exception, however the same rule still appliesWith any significant economic change, there are always opportunities to make the most out of it for your business, you just need to realise how. Adapting your marketing is important all the time, but even more so in the current climate.

Its always important, but now more than ever, for businesses to focus their attention and dedicate their time to clients and customers in order to strengthen their relationships ready for when we come out the other side. Brands need to look at how they currently communicate and adapt this to the current times in order to still achieve effective and meaningful engagement.  

So, how do you market effectively during a worldwide pandemic? 

With everyone spending more time at home, the more likely your brand message can be seen, and the more chance it will be scrutinized. Get it wrong, and it could be detrimental to consumer loyalty. Having said that, you need to flip the way you look at this. Your audience might have free time, so if you market effectively you can get more brand exposure, and those with a strong marketing strategy adapted for the current climate, will be the ones that come out of this thriving. By taking control of the situation and proactively building your pipeline in the time you have, you may find that your business is stronger post COVID-19. 

Make use of your digital channels 

If your business perhaps doesn’t utilise the available digital channels on offer as much as they should, perhaps now is the time. Businesses should look at this as an opportunity to raise their gamefor example, you might now have the time to build that eCommerce website you had on hold, giving you the opportunity to make more money in the future. 

Consider the language you use in your messaging 

During this uncertain time, its especially important to consider your tone of voice. Instead of pushing discounts or products relating to the situationwhich will only make you look detached and self-serving, you need to adapt your strategy to relate to your client/consumer. Look around you, many of the big tech companies are offering free trials for longer periods to help companies through this difficult time and they will be hoping that many of these customers remain with them after the lockdown.  So, look at ways you can adapt and support your audience and you’ll have better online conversations and a better business as a result. 

Find the balance between maintaining your branpresence and adapting your marketing to the current climate 

By staying involved and in touch with your audience, you can rest assured that you will be front of mind when things eventually return to normal. If you had an event planned, look at ways to host this online and consider that whilst you have more time on your hands, so do many of your prospects! Reaching out to them at this time, scheduling video meetings, developing proposals and getting your pipeline ready will boost your brand profile and help you win more work in the future.  

You need to keep in mind your long-term goals whilst dealing with this short-term bump in the road, as this time will pass eventually and you need to consider where you want to be when things start to recover. Businesses who stand strong with their marketing will be the ones that are ready to run out of the blocks first when we come out the other side, more robust than ever. 

If you would like any assistance with adapting your marketing, please get in touch on 0161 696 3459 and one of our team would be happy to help. 


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