Lockdown learnings…

During lockdown, we’ve realised we CAN create a new brand, launch a campaign and start receiving new leads in just 10 days! From lightbulb moments to leads coming in, we even surprised ourselves!

At Definition, we take pride in being straight-talking and getting projects done. But, let’s face it, we’re creative types and our normal process of creating compelling brands & campaigns, writing engaging stories all involve time to brainstorm, design, refine & integrate. This year during lockdown, we’ve been able to fast-forward our process without cutting corners, effectively launching new products to help social distancing and implementing new procedures within businesses to suit the current climate. Who would have known at the start of the year, we’d become so super-efficient?

Mark Taylor Marketing Manager at Ribble commented: “Definition have proven that they can adapt quickly even during challenging times. Our new CorruGuard product required a very quick launch, to cater to our customers’ demands and Definition went out of their way to make sure the launch was effective while remaining true to the Ribble brand. I would like to thank Definition for all their help & I look forward to our continued effective relationship.”


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