An engaging website to support our client’s latest venture

Engage & Perform web

Engage & Perform web

When you are developing a website for a new business you are starting from scratch. After designing a new brand for an existing client for his next venture we then moved on to creating a strong online presence for him starting with a new website.

The client is a successful entrepreneur with several businesses and roles he fulfils, so this new brand brings together lots of his skills and services under one business. So it was essential that the new website quickly communicated his vision and values and then enabled the user to quickly find the service most relevant to their needs, which could be anything from a keynote presentation at a global conference to a strategic session with a C-Suite team or a coaching programme for a senior leader.  The new Engage & Perform website uses strong visuals to draw you in, positions Mark as the leader and visionary of the business, uses animation to help the user know where to start and provides clear landing pages with useful information on each service offered. The result is an engaging website that supports this latest venture which is going from strength to strength.

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