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Ribble Exhibition

Ribble expo 2

Businesses often face the same set of challenges at crowded events; competition from other industry players, communicating the business’s unique selling point, encouraging visitors to talk to their representatives and making a lasting impression on potential clients.

Knowing and understanding this, we developed a comprehensive strategy centred around impactful marketing collateral and a clear follow-up process that would ensure our client, Ribble could address these common challenges.

Ribble is a provider of innovative packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes and are the leading manufacturer of Fanfold corrugated board in the UK.

Our creative team designed an eye-catching and functional shell scheme stand that incorporated Ribble’s branding elements. The design aimed to attract attention and engage event attendees effectively with bold statements and clear messaging.

With the combination of a visually appealing stand design and informative printed collateral, the Ribble team were able to converse with potential clients clearly highlighting their diverse range of packaging solutions, key features and technological advancements.

At Definition we understand the work doesn’t stop once the event has finished, as important as it is to develop a strong event presence, it is equally as important to develop a clear follow-up process to capitalise on the relationships beginning to form and nurture the leads collected during the event.

Tailored follow-up emails were crafted for each lead segment, social media platforms and personalised messages were used to reach out to leads, encouraging ongoing engagement and future relationships.

This approach not only increased the conversion rate but also emphasised Ribble’s commitment to building long-term relationships and establishing them as a trusted partner in the packaging solutions industry.

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