Showcasing a new brand on the road!


hmhs van design

Herts Mechanical Handling Services (hmhs) is a highly qualified provider of engineering services.

With a team of skilled engineers regularly visiting client sites, it was key for their fleet of company vans to showcase a professional, uniform look, focusing on their brand and service offering.

Our creative team came up with a unique design to ensure Herts Mechanical Handling Services stand out for all the right reasons creating a great first impression when they arrive on site.

From standard to custom van specifications, our designs seamlessly adapt, ensuring consistency across the entire fleet. Using all the available space, designing a full van wrap, applying the new updated brand and a fresh modernised colour palette.

The impact of these newly branded vehicles is undeniable. Herts Mechanical Handling Services and their engineers were over the moon with their new vans stating “The difference is night and day, and they look a million times more professional. Thank You!”


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