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11th May 2022

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28th Apr 2022

A book that screams on the inside…

5th Apr 2022

Transforming your thriving business into book design

5th Apr 2022

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2nd Feb 2022

Generating leads and achieving targets

28th Jan 2022

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2nd Apr 2021

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2nd Apr 2021

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4th Feb 2021

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23rd Jan 2021

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2nd Jan 2021

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2nd Sep 2020

Embassy bus pull

20th Apr 2020

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2nd Apr 2020

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2nd Mar 2020

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3rd Dec 2019

Take A Break and Eat Some Cake

3rd Sep 2019

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2nd Apr 2019

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2nd Jan 2019

BDI brand

2nd Jan 2019

Unleash &
Engage brand

23rd Nov 2018

CogniSoft presentations

2nd Jan 2018

Took on the role of a virtual marketing team working alongside the MD and internal sales team to create branded […]

Engage & Perform brand

2nd Jan 2018

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4th Jun 2017

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4th Mar 2017


3rd Feb 2017

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3rd Dec 2016

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